Cleaning your games

As a video game collector, I take the condition of my games quite seriously. Gaming has shifted from having physical games to a digital only world where all a game is, is just a code you enter online. This shift means keeping old games in pristine condition feels more important than ever, as representation of a bygone era of gaming. Or maybe you just want your games to look fresh and not like they've been played constantly for years. Either way, I'm here to teach you how to clean your games.

This guide will mostly focus on Dead Rising, as that's the game I collect, but this can be applied to most games. So long as it's got a plastic case, this applies to it.

Seperating the contents of the case

Open your game case and lay it flat, with the inside of the case down. This makes the plastic cover on the front of the case lift art, allowing you to pull the cover art out. Then, remove the game's manual (if applicable) and disc, plus any extra paper content your game might have come with. You should have a plain plastic case now.


The Case

Now hopefully your case is in pretty good condition, and just dirty, in need of a good wipedown. The way I tackle this is by using antibacterial wipes and wiping first the outside of the case, including the plastic cover, and then the inside, reaching under the plastic cover and the inside of the case. I let it dry, propped up so the plastic cover is lifted up so the inside can dry aswell. Make sure your case is absolutely dry before returning any of the paperwork to it so it doesn't damage the paperwork.

An alternative that I haven't tried is to rinse the case with water and soap. Since it is just plastic, it should be fine and similarly to the previous, just ensure it is fully dry before returning any paperwork to it.

The worst case scenario is that your case might be damaged. It might be cracked, missing chunks, or the plastic cover is punctured to the point of it detracting too much from the game's case. In most situations, the case is still usable but visually unappealing. In rare situations, the case might be so damaged that it isn't even protecting your game anymore, for example the case isn't holding the disc in anymore, resulting in it getting scratched from moving around. If you need to replace your case, you can find replacement cases on eBay.

eBay is your best friend for finding replacement cases, you can find nearly any case you need on there. I personally have ordered replacement Wii, 360 and XBOX ONE cases from there. The only issue I've encountered is more of a perfectionist nitpick than anything. Sometimes the plastic cover is a bit scuffed up. That's only an issue because I want my games to look immaculate, like they just came out of the game store and have never even been touched. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with replacement cases. I still recommend using an antibacterial wipe on them, just to be safe in this current climate.