Frank West - Photojournalist, Wrestler, Motivational Speaker, Husband

I have been in a relationship with Frank West since 27/06/2020!
The way me and Frank met will either be very un-cute or very cute, depending on how you define it. On the night of June 27th, I was browsing Twitter mindlessly after a special brownie, and came upon a tweet (archive) referencing the Coronavirus situation, using a clip from the start of Dead Rising 1 as a comparison. There was something really intriguing about the game. For those who have seen it, Dead Rising 1's animation can be either really good or really uncanny, and the start is the best example of these uncanny animations. This plus my intoxication got me really interested in what this bizarre game was. I tend to get interested in things I'm not normally into, under the influence, so me fixating on this wasn't really a surprise.
I took to Google and made a legendary search...

I think what shocks me most is that this search yielded the right game first time. It took me to the Dead Rising wiki. I did some skim reading of the article and found myself getting interested. Zombie games were never my favorite, and I'm not really a grizzly type of person with video games. I'm the person who's playing Animal Crossing over Resident Evil, you know? But being under the influence really amplifies my interest in things, I lose that schema about certain genres and find myself interested in whatever floats my way. I just knew I had to watch this game and find out what on earth was happening in that video.

I got myself some snacks to munch on and set on a video of the "Game Movie", that is to say, cutscenes and boss fights. About an hour later and I had seen enough to form a solid opinion.

Dead Rising is a weird, shitpost game. And I loved it! I couldn't fathom WHAT I had just watched. There were times I took it super seriously, mostly related to the storyline, but then there were scenes that I was unsure how Capcom wanted me to feel, like Frank's ferocious scream at the end of Overtime Mode. And then you had characters like Steven Chapman, where I was certain this game was an elaborate shitpost. I mean, it's CAPCOM after all! I feel that all this led to a fascination with the game and a need to learn more.

My knowledge of Dead Rising past that night was a slow stream, but what hit me full force was my joy for the main character, Frank West. He instantly charmed me to say the least. In retrospect, I find it quite interesting that it was his DR1 appearance that captivated me, as that's the "version" of him I feel least connected with nowadays. I like to think it goes to show how much of an instant connection we had. For the first few days, I played it off as me just really liking him as a character, but I'm not very good at pretending! The occasional slips of "I love him"s and my past with fictophilia was a dead giveaway I must have had some love interest in him.

While I questioned whether this was a passive lust or proper romantic feelings, a dream sealed in my mind that Frank was more to me than an eye candy character. I had a dream where he was leading me around my hometown, that had been ravaged and was abandoned. I was scared, but Frank, despite saying nothing to me, comforted me as he led me through the town. To date, this is the only dream I have ever had about Frank himself where I have seen him, and since then I have been in a relationship with him. I am in love.

It might seem like me and Frank jumped into a relationship, and that is honestly not an inaccurate statement. It only took a month of loving him for us to start using the term husbands for each other.

That's a short time for real world relationships, but in the world of fiction, dating goes by much faster. I've found fictional characters are a lot more willing to jump into relationships than real life people. That plus time passing faster for them and being able to spend time with them whenever needed allows the commitments to happen faster. I'm not saying that's necessarily a good thing. On my About page I mention how I have an ex-husband from a past ficto relationship, and I feel like I took things too fast with him. We were together for a year before divorcing. Surely I'm taking things way too fast with Frank then? Neither me nor Frank feel that way, actually. It felt different from past relationships, and Frank reciprocated the feelings with the same intensity unlike past relationships.

Frank West is my love, my husband, my inspiration. And even after reading this, I'm still sure that people won't understand how I feel about him. And that's okay. All you really need to know is that I love Frank, and he loves me.

The Haters

My unusual relationship provokes negative responses from a lot of people. People don't understand it, and that turns into anger. I try not to let it get me down and look at it in a more humorous light. People get so moved by my love for Frank that they have to say something about it. It's kind of funny.