Shocking Love - A Clemont x Mary Sue Fanfiction


Shocking Love was probably my first proper self ship story that I came back to repeatedly. I'm one of those bad writers who starts, then stops, and then moves onto a new project, and most of my works reflect that. But Shocking Love went on for way longer than it needed to. I don't hate it, however. I think it's an interesting landmark of my life, and speaks volumes about how I thought at the time. A lot of the things in the story reflect how I viewed the world and what I cared about. So, you know, even if it's a cringy self ship story with diaper fetish and weird fighting gangs crammed in, it's a beautiful summary of what the year 2014 was for me. 2014 is a year I wish I could return to, life felt very different back then. I think my favorite sign of the times is that some instances of the word human, people, man in the story were replaced with cat/cats. I used a word replacer and was going through a Warrior Cats phase. I've left these in but if you're confused on WHY they're suddenly cats, there you go. Shocking Love is a brilliant amalgam of Pokemon, School Drama, Therian Culture, and other interests forced into a story where it simply makes no sense.

With that all being said, I hope you can have some fun laughing at Shocking Love. Please note, I have changed incriminating details. As a stupid teenager writing this, I didn't realize the importance of censoring information about your life online. I have changed only what was incriminating information, everything else remains faithful to the original story. Also worth nothing, the addendum to the Story Details was not done by me as of writing this article, that is there from when I came back to this story about three or four years after writing it. There is also a Padlet link in the story. It IS still running, a shock to me, but it's been vandalized and I don't even know the log in even if I WANTED to revive it.

Story Details

the legend itself returns. i wrote this years ago, and let's say it might just be my magnum opus. sarcasm aside, i put so much effort, dedication into it, that i think now it's wrong to hide that now. have fun cringing.

if there's any instance of the word cats that shouldn't be there, just replace it with people or human. i used to have a word replacer when i went through a drastic warriors phase.


Alisha is an average schoolgirl. One day a new boy comes into her form, named Clemont. Over time, they grow closer and closer, almost inseparable. When a small gang begins to rise, what will Alisha and Clemont do?

TAGS: blush citron clemont electric love oakwood pokemon puns school shocking

Chapter 1: The New Boy

I rub my eyes as I lets out a long yawn. It was early in the morning and I was tired; exhausted even. All the kids in my form were bustling and awake, whilst I was battling to stay awake. Next to me was mybest friend, Scarlet. I eyed her, taking each detail of her in an attempt to try to wake up. Scarlet had dull ginger hair in a bowl haircut and multicoloured eyes. She was 'busy' listening to music on her iPad. I mentally stuck my tongue at Scarlet. The classroom went silent, everyone putting on fake smiles as our form tutor, Miss Sharp, entered the room. I noticed a nervous looking boy trailing behind her, pulling his backpack up nervously as he stood next to Miss Sharp. The boy brushed some of his blonde hair out of his eyes and pushed his wide glasses up. I could feel pity growing up inside me. Once everyone was in the room, he began to get stares from confused students. Miss Sharp stood up and began talking. "Class, today we have a new student in our form, Clemont. He is new to Oakwood, so please welcome him kindly" The students just stared at him, one coughing awkwardly. "Choose your table." Miss Sharp said quietly to him. He walked over to our table and I stared up at him.

"Um... Is it ok if I sit at this table, please?" He stutters nervously. The table was only big enough for two, but I pushed Scarlet's chair away and quickly grabbed a chair for Clemont. "Of course!" I grinned at him, slightly sweating. He nodded slightly and gave me a small, warming smile, sitting next to me. Scarlet pulled a stroppy face and scooted her chair over to the next table. Clemont crossed his arms and stared up at Miss Sharp as she talked, whilst I toned out her words. She mentioned about how it was an extended assembly for the older students, so she let us talk amongst ourselves. I decided to talk to Clemont. "So... You're new here?" I turned to ask him; I guess he was daydreaming because he jumped when I spoke to him. Once again he pushed up his glasses, "Um... Yes. I-I came from Lumiose City, it's quite far from here."

"Was the trip here long?" I asked.

"Yeah. I went by boat because I heard that the seas here were large and open. The trip wasn't so nice, and I got a bit seasick." I pulled a sympathetic face at him. He seemed to stare back off into the distance again. "Have you got your planner and iPad yet?" I asked him, snapping him out of his phase again. "Y-Yes, why do you ask? Do you want to have a look?" I nodded at him and he grabbed his white backpack and pulled his planner out first.

"Clemont Citron



He opened the pages and I saw his timetable. I stared over each lesson, comparing what ones we were in. To my surprise, we were in nearly every lesson together. "Hey! We're in the same lessons for everything!" I paused, "Except for Religious Studies." I frowned.

"That's nice to know, knowing someone nice will be with me in this new school." His silver-blue eyes lit up. "I don't believe we've been formally introduced yet," He held his hand out, "My name is Clemont, and I'm an inventor." I shook his hand and smiled at him.

"I'm Alisha, and I'm... A Technology fan." He smirked gently as he pulled his hand away. I could feel his warmth grow stronger as he budged his chair closer up to mine. Our knees were touching. He was warm and his presence was very calming. "We have Music first." I told him. He blinked at me and pushed his glasses up again. "Do you know where the room is?" I asked him. He turned his head away and blushed. "N-No..." I smirked as an idea to befriend Clemont popped into my mindspace. "How about I take you to our room? We are in the same room after all." He nodded his head quietly. Suddenly, the bell rang and students began to pack up. Clemont just stared around surprised at how automatic the other students were at packing up. I tapped him on the shoulder, "Pack up~" I wink. He pull his backpack up and I push my chair in and walk over to scarlet, who was stood around. She nodded at me, "Someone likes the new boy, I guess?" She rasped. I flushed and jumped back. "What? No, no! We're just friends!"

Yes, just friends...

Chapter 2: Clemont's First Day!

Clemont's P.O.V:

I stumbled forwards as a wave of students rushed out of the classroom. I saw Alisha talking to another student. Although I couldn't hear from teh stampede of pupils, it was obvious she was unhappy. She stomped away and walked over to me, instantly putting on a grin. "Sorry 'bout that. That's my friend, Scarlet." She dipped her head over to the girl, whose ginger hair fell infront of her eyes. I nodded my head, noticing Scarlet was paying no attention to me. Alisha tugged on my school jumper. "C'mon! We'll be late if we dwaddle any longer!" She darted off out of our form room. I awkwardly ran to catch up with Alisha. She chuckled slightly. "You run weirdly." She chuckled as I regained my balance.

"I...*wheeze*... Well, you try running with the worlds heaviest backpack!" I wheezed as I hunched over to catch my breath. She circled me. "Doesn't look that heavy." She laughed before plucking the backpack off of my back. "YIKES!" She hipped as she almost instantly dropped the backpack to the floor. "What is IN this backpack?" I grinned.

"It's full of wires, you'll see someday." I smirked. She just smiled back at me and pulled on my jumper again.

"C'mon! We'll be late!"


Alisha's P.O.V:

I leaned back in my chair as Clemont stared dumbfounded at the piano infront of him. I nudged him gently with my elbow. "You have to play something, y'know." I chuckled. He gazed around the recording studio before staring back at the piano. He pulled his backpack up onto his back and smirked at me. "Do you remember what I mentioned earlier, about the wires? Well, I think now is an appropriate time to show you. Aipom Arm, go!" Out of his backpack, a large mechanical arm sprouted out, the strong silver tube was topped with a ball, three indents where fingers would most likely come out of. "You know... You didn't need to be so dramatic." I sweat-dropped. He chuckled. "Yeah,I guess you're right." He pulled the backpacks strap back and then I noticed the orange-yellow pads on it. He rolled his thumb over it, the hand moving with each roll. "That's so cool, Clemont!" My eyes lit up. He rolled the pads and awkwardly tried to play the piano scales with the hand. It's thick fingers smashing down on multiple keys. The notes played were sharp and hectic. I chuckled. "I don't think ma'am will be too pleased with that." I sighed. He frowned, the mechanical arm shooting back into his backpack.

The lesson flew by quickly, practicing different scales got boring. I tried to spice things up by playing freestyle, but Clemont said I was being off task. I shrugged it off and continued, and eventually it was break time. Clemont walked alongside me at a slow pace as we walked from the Music Suite to the main section of school. I could feel my stomach rumbling. "Hey Clemont, how about we go to the Canteen?" I asked him. He stared at me, his glasses shining in the light.

"I... I don't have any money." He frowned.

"That's okay! I'll pay, besides, even if you did have money, they only accept Thumbprint money. We get our thumbprints scanned and we put money onto it." His silver blue eyes lit up. I could see he was interested, most likely by the science of scanning thumbprints. "Okay then!" He smiled and I smiled back at him, 'Clemont's really opened up since earlier today' I thought to myself.

We walked into the canteen and I instantly cringed. Students were screaming, throwing food at each other and yelling. Clemont huddled up to himself slightly, I gently pulled on his jumper and smiled. He let out a quiet sigh and smiled back at me. "We're gonna have to wait in line for a bit. Do you wanna come with me or do you wanna wait outside?" I asked.

"I'll come with you. I'm curious to see what they're selling in here." He responded. We walked into the line and I realized Clemont was cuddling up to me. At first I thought maybe he was being pushed by another student, but he still had some space next to him. We waited in the line for a couple minutes, and eventually a teacher (My old Geography teacher) let us through with another 2 kids before closing the line again. Clemont glanced over the foods, shaking his head at each one. We moved down to the drink section, where I picked up a Yazoo. "Um..." I heard him mutter quietly to himself. "Oh, do you want me to get you one?" I asked. He nodded. I didn't know what flavour he liked, and I din't want to bombard him with questions, so I picked a banana one. We moved over to the final section, the pastry section. I noticed his silver eyes light up and followed his gaze to a plate of warm croissants. I grabbed a piece of paper from the dispenser and picked one out for him. We went to the till to pay, and he watched with interest as I put my thumb on the scanner, it beeped once and the cashier nodded to us. "Have a nice day." As we walked off, I heard her quietly whisper "Lovebirds.".

I sat down on the tree stump outside. We had gone through the Languages/Maths block to the Time Capsule, and through the small foresty path to the Yards and Treestump. Clemont dropped his backpack down and hopped onto the stump. I handed him his croissant and Yazoo. He happily bit into it and smiled, letting out a "Mmm!" noise. "Wow! These croissants are better than the ones at home! Back at Lumiose, croissants were very popular. I thought nothing could taste better than the ones at home." He continued on about his hometown, and I listened until the bell rang. He pulled his planner out of his backpack and glanced through the pages. "We have P.E next." He said, and I noticed a hint of... Fear in his voice? Pushing it to the back of my mind, I heaved my backpack up and guided Clemont through the waves of Students to P.E. We sat down outside the changing rooms as we waited for the other students to arrive. We sat near the abc, of the group of students so we could talk without getting caught. I leaned over and whispered, "Psst! Hey, Clemont!" Yet he didn't answer. I stared into his eyes, he wasn't ignoring me, he seemed worried about something. The final student arrived and our teacher, Mr Shinton, began to talk. "Alright, today we will be practicing our stamina. Boys, you may go off to you changing rooms, girls, you may do the same." He finished as students began to rise and head into the changing rooms. I noticed Clemont waiting for sir to finish talking to a student. I shrugged it off and walked to the disabled changing rooms. I've been nervous about changing infront of people for a long time, so sir lets me go into the disabled rooms to change. I opened the door, greeted by the musky scent of the old room. It smelt of retirement homes and hairspray, yet over the months I had gotten used to it. I set my bag down on the bench and began unbuttoning my shirt. When I had unbuttoned the final button and was about to take it off, I hear the door open and in stepped Clemont, who jumped when he saw me. "Ahh! Alisha!" He yelped and hid behind the corner. I sighed to myself, grinning slightly. "Don't be shy, Clemont. Don't act like you've never seen a girl before." He stepped nervously around the corner and set his heavy backpack down on the bench infront of me. I took my shirt off whilst he wasn't looking and quickly slipped my P.E shirt on. Clemont was now shirtless, and I could notice details about his body. I pulled my eyes away and finished putting my skirt on. He was about to take his trousers off, but instead he looked up at me. "Um... Could you look away please?" He whispered. I blinked before nodding and turning away. He finished after a while and we left to go to the Yard. On the way there, I decided to strike up a conversation. "You seemed nervous earlier about P.E, why?" I questioned. He looked down at his feet and blushed.

"Well, I... um... I'm not a very good runner." He sounded like he wanted to continue but he went silent again. We arrived out in the yard and it was cold! Clemont had bought a hoodie but I was just wearing a shirt and skirt. We dropped our drinks down by the ball bag and lined up in a row. Like earlier, we stayed at the end to talk easier. Mr Shinton began to speak. "Alright, we're gonna warm up by doing a couple laps of the pitch. Go!" He blew his whistle and everyone broke out into a sprint, everyone except for Clemont. He was speedwalking at a slow pace. I nudged him gently, "c'mon, try to keep up with me!" I said as I ran ahead. He ran awkwardly, doing the run he had done set the beginning of the day. I couldn't help but chuckle at it. I let out a long sigh. This is gonna be a long lesson...

Clemont's P.O.V:

It was finally the end of the day. In English, Alisha had passed me a note asking me to meet her at the Time Capsule at the end of the day. I headed down to the area and saw her waiting there, her brown hair blowing back in the wind. "Oh good, you're here!" She smiled. "I wanted to ask you if... You wanted to come around my house today afterschool?" She asked. My eyes lit up and I nodded. She handed me her address and walked off, humming as she skipped. I tucked the small piece of paper into my pocket.

That little piece of paper felt so special...

Chapter 3: Into the Woods

Alisha's P.O.V

Everything had gone as planned that day, I went home and anxiously cleaned my room in hopes for it to look half-presentable. It was quite unusual for me, as I barely ever cleaned my room, which only made the task harder. I fumbled piles of towels around and my eyes brightened as I found some keyrings under them. 'How did those get here?' I thought to myself. They were on my desk last time I checked, speaking of which... I turned around and noticed my cat plushies strewn around my desk. Some would say its childish to still have soft toys at my age, but I disagree. My eyes dilated when I heard the doorbell ring. 'Oh god, he's already here...' I panic and quickly shove the towels into the washing bin. I run down the stairs and find my mother had already opened the door. I stopped in place as she closed the door, carrying a box in. "It's a delivery for you, Alisha." She hands the box to me and I smile with relief.

"T-Thanks..." I shakily sigh and carry the box up into my room. I know what it is, I ordered another cat plushie off of eBAY the other day. I place the box down in the corner and continue to clean my room. I dropped the keyrings into a pot and shoved it into my draws. Hey, it's lazy but it gets the job done.

My heartbeat quickened as the door ringed again. It hadn't even been a minute! This time I run down the stairs as fast as I can and peer through the letterbox. There was Clemont, standing there nervously leaning against the rails. He jumped when the letterbox flap lifted up sharply. "Um... Hi." He mumbled shyly.

"Hi Clemont!" I smiled, "I'll just be a minute, need to tell my mum that you're here." I closed the flap before he had a chance to reply and ran through the hallway and kitchen. My dog Trixie seemed to think I was playing, as she chased me into the garden and began running around. I walked across the gravel path and stared into the aviary. My mum was feeding the birds and checking their nests. "Mum, my friend is here to visit." I said

"Oh, Scarlet?" She muttered. I shook my head.

"No, a new friend, his name is Clemont." I could see her grin and I frowned.

"Ooh, a boy. Do you like him?" As soon as she finished I had begun racing away from the aviary.

"Sorry mum, can't hear you!"

I swung the door open and smiled at Clemont, and he smiled back. "Hello." He stuttered. I nodded my head towards the door, gesturing for him to come in. We walked in and he seemed to be slightly nervous. I saw my mum staring at us as she stood, drinking her coffee. "So is that your friend?" She asked. I flushed slightly and I saw her give me her signature snarky grin. I quickly nodded and tugged on Clemont's sleeve. "Do you want to go up to my room?" I ask him. He nods and we walk to the stairs. He begins to take his shoes off, "Uh... Clemont, you don't have to take your shoes off..." I said. He looked up, slightly flushed, yet he continued to take his shoes off. "Sorry, it's just in Kalos we used to take our shoes off when entering a friends building. Plus, I went through some mud whilst walking here." He stands up and I dart up the stairs, Clemont trailing behind me. I then remember that my room still needed cleaning. "Uh... Sorry for my room being a bit messy." I apologise as I open the door as he walks in. He stares around curiously and Igeesture for him to sit down. Clemont seemed reluctant at first. I gently nudged him forwards. I sat down on my cheap plastic chair and turned my computer monitor on. Then I realised he could clearly see the cat plushies. "Um... Sorry for my desk being really cluttered." He turned to me and smiled gently. "That's quite alright. Besides, I think they're cute." I felt my skin flush and heartbeat quicken as he said that, as for a second I thought it was directed to me. "Y-yeah, I collect them because they're so cute."

After Clemont was done looking at the files of my computer and inquiring how I code HTML, we had nothing much else to do. He sat on my plastic chair brushing his hand over a Persian plush whilst I sat on my xRocker chair. Then I had gotten an idea. "Hey Clemont!"


"Let's go outside! After all, the weather is quite nice." I said. He stared at me with his silver-blue eyes before nodding curtly. We left my room and I poked my head into the living room. My mum was sat down playing a game on the computer. "Hey mum, I'm going outside with Clemont. We'll make sure to be back soon!" I called to her. One of the cockatiels in the cage next to the door jumped as I called. I opened the door and immediately sunshine bombarded my face. The gravel rubbed against my school shoes and the light clothing kept me cool. Clemont was also still in his school clothes, which honestly in my opinion suited him. He turned to me. "Where are we heading?" He asked. I paused and thought for a second before answering.

"There's this nice park only a small distance away from here, literally across the road and behind the flats." I pointed to the cream flats that loomed in the distance. "Follow me." We began walking across the Tarmac road. Eventually we arrived at the park and walked in. It wasn't the most stunning of parks, just having some swingsets, slides and a big swinging net. I could see his eyes light up with child-like excitement and curiosity. "What do you wanna go on first?" I questioned. He nodded his head towards the swings and I began running towards them. He had to awkwardly run to catch up with me, and by the time he got there he was tired, but he still had energy left in him. He gestured for me to sit down on the swingset so I did so. He began pushing me, gently at first. I swayed back and forth and every time the swing went backwards, I could feel his body rub up against mine. This continued in for a couple minutes whilst we swapped before Clemont began to grow tired of it. We went onto the slide and we went at the same time, Clemont had wrapped his legs around my waist and held on to me from behind as we slid down. I watched as he landed face first on the Tarmac. "Are you okay?" I asked him as he sat up. He had a small cut across his nose but nothing major, however it was bleeding. "Yeah, just a small cut. It'll heal." I noticed that he seemed bored of the park, and I could agree with him. Although the park was quite nice it did get very repetitive. Then I remembered the forest area. "I know a place we can go!" He followed me to the metal gates near the path. There was a sign put up mentioning about picking up dog droppings. "Are you sure we're allowed in here?" He asked me.

"I'm not sure but if we don't get caught we won't get into trouble, will we?" I smirked as I gently pulled the gate open and stepped in. The path was narrow and leafy with mounds of mud and stinging nettles. I could hear Clemont's footsteps behind me. Eventually the leaves had taken over the metal link wall and it made it impossible to see in. We emerged in a small clearing, with rocks scattered around the clearing. He breathed in the forest air and let out a content sigh. "I like it here." He said bluntly. I smiled and pulled over a decently-sized rock to rest on. The cut on Clemont's nose was now beginning to bleed and I was worried. From the corner of my eye, I could see cobwebs growing on the trunk of a tree. I quickly grabbed the sticky cobwebs and pressed them up against the wound. I could see him flinch, most likely at the sudden interaction. The blood stopped flowing and he now looked more content. "That feels better, what did you do?" He asked.

"I put some cobwebs on it. Cobwebs have vitamins in them that help wounds." I could see he was interested but I didn't say anything else incase I bored him. Out of nowhere, I could feel his hands on my shoulders as he pulled me into a kiss. I could feel his warmth soothe me as I shut my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. When I opened my eyes I could see he had pulled back and looked shocked almost. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. "Clemont..." I stuttered as he looked down ashamed.

"Sorry... I don't know what encouraged me to do that." He whispered. I lifted his chin up and looked into his misty pupils.

"There there, come back to my place, and we can talk."

Chapter 4: Clemont has a secret?

We had gone to my home that one day. I was still in shock, Clemont kissed me! I sat down on my plastic chair and breathed in. "I..." I was at a loss of words! I didn't know what to say! "I... Really like you, Alisha." He grabbed my hand gently. "I mean it..." He hushed himself at the end of his words and I knew it was my turn to talk. "I like you too, Clemont, a lot." I whispered. It felt so awkward to be saying it but I knew it was true. The air tensened as an awkward silence rolled in. I was about to break it when Clemont beat me to it, "I... Can I stay over here tonight?" I was surprised at his question. My room was in no state to hold visitors and I doubt my mum would of let him sleep downstairs. But then again, I can always make room. "Okay. I think I have an inflatable mattress in my cabinet. I'll get it out now if you want." He nodded.

"Should I go tell your mother that I'll be staying over?"

"Yeah, go do it now while I set up your bed." He ran off out of the door and I could hear him slip on the stairs. "Careful!" I shouted to him but I got no response. Shrugging it off, I opened my wall cabinet and pulled out a soft, inflatable mattress. I also grabbed the inflator and hooked it up to the plug socket. With a flick of a switch it began rising, making a loud noise as it did. Eventually it got to the point where it could hold human weight and I turned the machine off and disconnected it. Now it was ready. Clemont walked in as soon as I finished disconnecting it. "It looks really good!" He smiled as he patted the mattress. I got a thin blanket from the cabinet and laid it down for him. That was that sorted. So what to do now...? I thought back to my last sleepover and remembered how I had played Mario Party and ate party food. "Hey Clemont."


"Let's play a game."


Late evening had rolled in and the sun was now nearly fully set in the dusk sky. We were now beginning to shut the games off and get ready for bed. I shut the Wii off and unplugged it seeing as I would most likely not play it for a while. Clemont's got up off of the mattress and watched me before turning to the door. "I'm gonna go get a drink, do you wanna come?" I nodded at him.

"Yeah, I am feeling quite thirsty."

We came back into the room with hot chocolates in hand. I placed mine down on my desk and Clemont took a sip of his and did the same. The sun was now fully set and the stars twinkled. Clemont had gotten his pyjamas out of his backpack, consisting of basic stiped clothes and an adorable sleeping cap, and was now preparing to get changed. He kept on looking at me nervously even though I wasn't paying much attention as I was fiddling with my alarm clock. "Uh, Alisha? There's somethig I think I should tell you." He stuttered mor than usual and I could tell he was nervous. But then again, anyone with half a brain cell could. He sat down on my bed and looked at me. "I just wanted to tell you that... I'm bladderly incontinent..." He broke off into a whisper. He pulled forward the edge of his pyjama trousers and sure enough, as expected, he was wearing incontinent diapers. He looked back up at me with a look as if he had expected me to flip. "That's it?" I asked. "Clemont, there's nothing to worry about. I mean... You can't help it if maybe you have some issues, why would I hate you for that?" He broke into a smile and pulled me into a hug.

"Just promise me you won't tell a soul."

"I promise."

Chapter 5: The word gets out!

That night we slept snuggled up to eachother. Neither of us felt we had energy left to crawl back to our respective beds. Eventually dawn began to peer through the windows, as birds sung their morning song and-


I groan, I forgot I had set my alarm last night. It's only when I gaze at the time whilst turning the alarm off that I realise... "CLEMONT WAKE UP WE HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!" He jolted awake and frantically looked around until his stare was back on me.

"What time is it?" He asked.



We had awkwardly gotten ready for school. I had to lend Clemont some school clothes and a tie. We had walked to school and eventually into our form. And guess who was there. Scarlet. "Forgot about me, hmm?" She rasped. I hushed down. "Don't worry about it, I know you just want to get Clemont's attention."

"Y'know, he admitted to loving me yesterday... We had a sleepover."

"And did he admit anything else?"

I paused. "Don't tell anyone but Clemont is bladderly incontinent, so he has to wear diapers."


Me and Clemont had gone to German that break time. The bell was about to ring, so we walked into the classroom so we would be ready for when ma'am came in. As Clemont entered snickers began to arise from the students as they whispered to one another. I was able to hear one of the remarks. "Hey look! It's baby boy!" I glares over at where it came from. Mattie, or as I call her, Rapunzel miss ankle-hair, was chuckling with Sally. I growled at her. "Now what is THAT supposed to mean?!" She chuckled as I opposed.

"We know his secret, Alisha, our leader told us." She then raised her voice so the class could hear. "Little Clemont wears diapers."

It was now lunchtime, and Clemont was devastated. "I can't believe you would of told someone! You promised!"

"Clemont, I..." But before I could finish, he had run away. I decided to go find the one person that knew. Scarlet.

I stepped foot into the form room. Scarlet was sat at an empty table eating a biscuit. I sat down in the chair next to her. "Scarlet," I began, "who did you tell?"

"What?" She blinked at me, "I didn't tell anybody." I was not satistfied.

"I know you did. Tell me Scarlet." My voice was beginning to crack with anger. I was digging my nails into the table.

"O-okay! I told my pack leader."

"And who is that?"


Chapter 6: Fleeing

I slammed my hands against the table, silencing everyone in the room. "You piece of fox-dung!" I growled. I could see her recoil in fear yet she was still smiling. Why? I feel the cold or confused glares of the other students burning into my skin, but I didn't care. "You promised not to tell! Secrets are secrets, Scarlet. I thought you would of been a decent human being and keep it secret." I know my words are wasted on her, as she gazes blankly as she hums a song to herself. I leave the room.

Time to find Clemont, I think to myself. When he had run away, it was by the Languages Corridor. He wouldn't have gone to his lesson by now, even he knows that it's too early. I head back to Languages and stare about. He isn't at the Time Capsule. I look over to the other window, and I can see familiar blonde hair. I begin running through the downstairs Maths area, outside, up the stairs and into the small field. I see him, sat down at a table. As I approached him, I began to talk. "C-Clemont, I'm so sorry... I didn't intend for it to spread, I just told Scarlet. She was forced to tal-"

"Don't feel bad, Alisha. You've taught me something important today. People cannot be trusted. I don't belong here, they don't accept me."

"Where will you go?"

"Somewhere. I can't go back to Lumiose City, they won't take me back as Gym Leader. I'll find my place someday." He had gotten up from the table and was now staring into my eyes. His silver blue eyes were glimmering and his blonde hair was ruffled and slightly wet where it fell near his eyes. "But, you taught me some people can be trusted." He wrapped his arms around my neck, I could feel his warm breath on my face. "I will never forget that." and at that moment, he pulled me into a kiss. Our body heat merged as we held the kiss. I pulled back and saw that his eyes were big, and I caught a shine of... Happiness? No. After the speech he just gave, he couldn't... He slipped a small piece of paper into my pocket. "Don't read it until afterschool."

And I didn't. I got out of my final lesson and walked home. I decided then would be a good time, so I unfolded the Sticky Note.

"Meet me at the park afterschool." I scowl to myself quietly, but at least I still had time to change my route for the forest park. I was nearing my house anyways.

My eyes quickly scanned over the park, nobody was here. Yet I could hear something. Rustling. I could see one of the trees that lined the park swaying. A light blue blur shot out of the tree and landed on the metal flooring of the slide. It was Clemont, looking much more better and confident than when I saw him at Lunchtime. He landed with a thump, on bent knees with a hand against the floor for balance. He looked up. "Bonjour." He grinned. His smile was adorned with a sly feel.

"Uh... Hello." I stared blankly at him. He climbed down the ladder and I could tell he was more graceful. Maybe he was just happy to see me? I didn't know. "How are you?" He asked me.

"Fine, thanks." I paused. Clemont seemed nervous about something he was putting off. "Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Y-Yeah..." He replied. Now I knew something was up. He seemed to be avoiding the forest, and I knew he must be hiding something. If he was, why did he want me to come here? "Hey, Clemont. How about we go into the forest?" I could see him cringe as he stared nervously at the forest. "What if we get caught?" He whimpered.

"We didn't get caught last time." I remarked, tugging lightly on his sleeve. Only now did I take in his unusual clothing choice. He was wearing a light blue jumpsuit with yellow stripes on the folded sleeves. It was unusual, but I guessed it must of been related to his hometown, maybe...

He trailed slowly behind me as I pushed open the metal gates. He once again tried to argue, but I just shrugged it off. I knew he must of been hiding something in here. But what? As we go into the small clearing where we had first kissed, I noticed him lingering in front of a tree that had a rotten odour. "Clemont, what's in the tree?" I bluntly asked him. I could see him cringe. "Uh... Nothing." He stuttered, fooling no-one. I gently shoved him aside and fished my hand around the hole that the scent was coming from. He was stepping backwards slightly as I felt something hard, like a stone in there. It felt dusty and I could feel cracks on it. Pulling my arm out, I fixed my gaze onto it. A small skull of a creature, I examined it and saw the long beak protruding from it. A bird's skull. But what was it doing in Clemont's possession? I looked up to him, back down at the skull and the back to him. "Uh... I can explain?" He whispered. I gave him a look of disbelief.

"Explain then."

"Uh... Experiment for Science Class?" he stuttered.

"You do know we're in the same science class." I replied coldly. "Just tell me." He sighed with defeat. "Fine, I do this as a hobby. I find it interesting to look at the bones of animals." He said. I raised an eyebrow. "That's it?" I asked. "You seem to have a habit of over-dramatizing these hobbies of yours. You do realize I won't judge you, right?" He shrugged his shoulders and stared down.

"A-Alisha..." He trailed off. I waited for him to continue. "I've read pages online about it and... I want to form a group with you!"

Chapter 7: Thrown

I looked at him in disbelief. Group? I had never been in a group, let alone run one! I look at him, gesturing for him to continue with my hand. "... I just want to be with you, to let cats see us together, with all our friends in a group where everyone knows everyone..." He stopped, looking up to me. "But will you support me with it?" He asked. I shifted my eyes before meeting his silvery blue pupils.

"Yes. I love you, Clemont." I smiled, he gave a small smile back and gave me a quick hug. Even though we only embraced for a second, when he pulled away I could still feel his warmth on me and his earthy smell lingered. Wait- Earthy smell? What type of cologne does this guy use? I shrug it off. "Can I come over your house today?" He asked. I bluntly nodded and began walking to the metal gates. He quickly grabbed his bird skull and another shiny rock and followed me out.

We had walked back to my house when Clemont unexpectedly stuck his hand out for a second and looked up. As he did, rain began to fall down in a mild storm. "Knew it." He smirked as he pushed his glasses. I rolled my eyes at him. "Anyone could have seen it." I replied. He pulled a face at me.

"Except you." He remarked. His blonde hair was now damp with rain and his glasses were flecked with raindrops. "We better go in." He said before I could think of a with reply. I opened the door and practically collapsed when I felt the warmth. Clemont quickly untied his muddy shoes and we ran upstairs. He excused himself to go tidy up in the bathroom, whilst I quickly changed clothes into a dark blue t-shirt and snow leopard jeans. I just messed around in my room, turning my computer on and off and flicking the light switch, when is heard him call from the bathroom. "Alisha! Do you have a towel I could dry off with?" He asked. I shouted back saying yes and grabbed a towel from the air cupboard in my room. I put my hand through the door holding the towel and he took it. But when I pulled my arm back, I nudged the door and it opened. There I saw him. Shirtless, his body shiny from the rain. He was drying his chest when he realized the door was open. And that I was gawking at him. "Ah! A-Alisha!" He jumped when he saw me and I quickly looked away flushing. "Sor-Sorry!" I quickly replied. His tone lowered and he calmed. "That's okay." He replied calmly, calm enough I could hear the silk in his voice, hiding behind his geeky normal voice. I could see that he was blushing though, and his body was beginning to dry. "You look, dried off... Do you want some clothes to change into while you're here?" He nodded and I went into my room to get some clothes. I got him a red T-shirt and black trousers. I quickly grabbed them and turned around. I jumped when I saw Clemont there. He was still shirtless. He pushed me up against the wall and quickly pressed his lips against mine. I felt my body weaken as I gave in to resisting him and enjoyed the moment. He wrapped his arms around my neck and embraced me. He pulled back and gave me a sly grin. "C-Clemont..." I whispered. He took the clothes from me and nodded his thanks, then went back into the bathroom to change.

He came back eventually and I was still in slight shock. Clemont chuckled humorously at my surprise, and I eventually joined in with him. I sat down on my chair next to my desk and he kneeled next to me. "So about that group you were talking about..." I started. He gave me a confused look and then his eyes lit up as he remembered. "Oh yeah! Y-you are okay with it, right?" I gave him a friendly nod. "What do you want to call it?" He put his finger to his lip and thought.

"How about The Roamers?" He said. I really liked that name. I was partially surprised at the brilliant suggestion on first thought, but I just shrugged it off as Lucky Thought. I nodded, "I like that name." He grinned at me.

"I knew you'd like it." He twiddled his fingers. "We need some members though." He continued. "At school there may be some members who'll wanna join. We'll check tomorrow." He said, and I could see him subtly gesturing to the airing cabinet. "Oh!" I exclaimed and quickly got the inflatable mattress out. "Sorry." I sighed.

"That's okay."


The next day we had gone to school as usual. We set out that break-time with one goal, get recruits. I had automatically suggested we ask Scarlet. Clemont was hesitative but he had agreed in the end. We went to our form that break-time yet she hadn't been there. We were both confused and none of the other students gave any productive input. Most of them just sneered or mocked Clemont, as usual, I guess. None of the kids in our form were nice to us, or anyone. "Why don't we check at the Canteen?" He asked and I agreed. We headed there and checked each table. We found Scarlet talking with another student by the window. When she saw me she began smiling and gestured for us to come over. I took a seat opposite them whilst Clemont continued standing. Scarlet looked at him, "Sorry..." She said.

"Apology accepted." Clemont said uneasily, he cast a glance over to me, almost silently asking me 'What is she talking about?'. I shrugged my shoulders subtly and looked back at Scarlet. "So Scarlet... Me and Clemont are making a group, and we wanted to know if you'd want to join it." I said. Without hesitation, she agreed. The boy next to her spoke up. "Um... Can I join as well? My name is Lewis, by the way." He said. I was about to accept but Clemont spoke before me.

"Okay." He said bluntly. Lewis' eyes lit up and he looked to Scarlet, then back to us. His gaze was full of excitement, yet something else.

"Thank you!" He chirped. Me and Clemont could both feel something wrong. Yet, we had ignored it. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... He gave me another look, quickly switching it over to the door and back to me. "Uh... We have to go now..."

"Okay." They said simultaneously, nonchalantly. We quickly grabbed our bags and headed to where our next lesson would be; P.E, outdoors. Today we would be using these heavy metal throwing balls. I already had my P.E kit and Clemont was wearing his kit underneath his main clothes. I grinned slightly to myself, eyeing the collar peeking out from his neck and school clothes. I quickly fussed with the colar and put it back under his white shirt. He blushed but was chuckling, me joining in. Our laughter was cut short by the bell loudly ringing. We quickly headed to P.E, getting changed (or at least, I did), and slipping through the glass doors to line up for our registration. Mr Shinton called out everyone's name, and to our surprise not one student was ill. It was then sir looked up from his large iPad. "Today we will be practicing throwing skills. I would like some strong students to come up and take our equipment." To my surprise, yet again, Scarlet had volunteered to carry one. She took two and lifted them with absolute ease, grunting loudly. Clemont stared in minor surprise and pushed his glasses up, tinting them white from the sunlight as he pointed his chin upward. "Someone's feeling prideful." I nudged him with my elbow.

"Well it isn't me." He smiled jokingly as we walked through the grass. My shoes were ripped slightly at the tips so the dewdrops on the grass got inside shoes and made my feet wet. I saw from the corner of my eye Clemont bend down and pluck a flower. He gently placed it in my hair. "Oh, stop it will you?" I playfully tackled him. "You're being so lovey dovey!" He chuckled. I saw Scarlet walking ahead of us so I ran up to talk with her. "Hi Scarlet!" I exclaimed. She gave me a stare of pure hatred and then hissed at me. Yes, hissed. She ran ahead and Clemont stood next to me. "Someone's grumpy." He shrugged.

We had gone through the field, then through a path where they were doing construction, then through two other fields! Me and Clemont stared at the scenery as we passed. I made sure to point out any gorse, holly bush, sticky buds or hollow apples. I was certain that this wasn't school land, as there were houses scattered about the field. But finally, we reached our field, where other students were busy doing laps around the field. I saw some familiar faces from my classes and waved to them as I passed. Only one person acknowledged me, a tan girl with blacky-brown hair. She waved back and smiled as she continued running. We sat down on the grass whilst we waited for Mr Shinton. Surprisingly, the grass was dry here, being nice and warm. I streched back and laid down onto the grass, feeling the sunrays hit my face. I could hear familiar panting approaching. "How could you leave me, Alisha?" Clemont gasped, almost toppling over as he regained his balance. "I thought we were walking together?"

"Your fault, slowpoke!" I grinned. He sat down next to me, giving me an Eskimo kiss by rubbing his nose against mine. His warm breath hit my face and I flushed. I smirked and pushed him away, pretending to be surprised. "Ah, stay away, warm breath!" I sarcastically stated.

"Hmph. Ponytail Hair." He mocked.

"Onesie Wearer." I scowled humourously.

"Blackcurrant-" He was cut off by Mr Shinton beginning to talk. Sir explained the basics of our lesson. Grab the balls (teehee, balls), throw them and DO NOT THROW THEM AT ANYONE. He really reinforced that line, and I could see why. These things were heavy as hell! How was I supposed to throw them? Weakly, I threw a pathetic throw that was only roughly 100 centimeters. Clemont managed to throw a better throw than I did, getting 200 centimeters. We had to wait ages for the other teams to finish, seeing me and Clemont finished near instantly. We sat down on the grass and then I remembered we had to collect the ball things. I quickly told Clemont and he began to pick up ours. What happened next happened like a blur. Clemont was just carrying the first ball back when a metallic grey blur shot through the sky, towards him. One of the large balls landed on him, and he collapsed. Students began to flock around him. I looked to where the ball had been thrown from. Stood there, was Scarlet.

Chapter 8: Heartbeat

Clemont's P.O.V

It was dark. I couldn't see a thing. My heartbeat pulsated in my ears, along with a heartbeat monitor. Wait, what?! Last time I checked there was no heartbeat monitor near me! Since I couldn't see, I tried weakly feeling the area around me. I found myself barely able to move, but I could feel the soft bedding below me. So I was in a bed... With a heartbeat monitor near me. What happened to me?

"Oh! I think he's awake!" I heard a high pitched, female voice call. I didn't recognise her at all, but the next voice I heard relieved me greatly. "Oh, Clemont! Clemont!" Alisha whimpered as she brushed her fingers across my arm. I twitched my fingers in response. "Yes, he is awake, nurse." She stated. Nurse? I could piece two and two together. I was in a hospital. But why? I could now feel the throbbing pain in my head. "...W-where am I?" I groaned.

"You're in the hospital. According to... Your friend, you had been hit hard in the head by a metal discus. You're lucky you didn't get majorly injured. You've been out for a couple days, but you should be able to return home sometime later today." The room went silent and I heard footsteps getting fainter and fainter. The nurse was gone now.

"Clemont... I'm so so sorry. I should of taken the hit for you. Scarlet's not getting away scot-free from this." She hissed. It was Scarlet who threw it? Why? I feel my breath catch in my throat as blood rushes to my bandaged face when I feel her warm breath on my neck. Dear lord, it felt weird yet so good. Her fingers were gentle as they caressed my skin and face, gently pulling me towards her. It was then, we kissed. I could feel her warmth shared with mine, becoming one heat as we embraced. She pulled back, hesitantly. The bandages fell of of my face, and I could see her now. She cringed at my face. "U-uh...!" Her eyes darted to the left, and then back at me. Her eyes were now Rheumy and glistening tears. My breath quickened. "What? What's wrong?" I raised my voice at her. Alisha paused to take a long breath, before grabbing her iPad on the side of the bed. She held it up to me and turned the camera on, and in it I saw my face. Everything looked normal, with a bit of bruising, but unusually, there were long cut-like marks running down one of my eyes. I brushed my fingers along it, feeling pain joint through me. "..." I didn't say anything, I was in a state of disbelief. Who did this? No way a metal ball could do this, these were human-done. The room was dead silent now, only the heartbeat monitor steadily beeping. "I think I know whom it was." She said, fiddling with her fingers as she looked down. I could sense her tense, but I didn't say anything. The nurse was now back in the room, and I could finally see what she looked like. Short and plump with bright red hair. "Alright, mister Citron, you should be free to go. Head over to reception and sign out." She said and walked off to another patients bed. I tensed, pulling myself out of the bed and hopping onto my unsteady feet. Nothing in my lower section was broken. But it could of been.

Chapter 9: We're back to this again?

Alisha's P.O.V

For the first time in a long time, I walked into form without anything out of the usual happening. Miss Sharp wasn't here yet, and neither was Clemont. All the students were either sat down or stood up, and those that we're stood up we're leaning against the wall, either resting on it or slamming a fist into it, laughing at a joke. And they think I'm the weird one? Throwing that thought out of my mind, I proceeded to my seat. However, a particular ginger haired bowl haircut caught my eye. God dammit, it's her. I grumpily pull my chair back, but do not sit down. Scarlet looks up at me, curious and waiting. A lump forms in my throat. "Why?" I bluntly ask her. "Why did you throw the thing." She pulled a forced confused face at me, and was about to talk but I interrupted her. "Clemont has been in hospital for the last couple of days thanks to you. He could of died. Why did you do it?"

"'s Maddie's fault..." She said, turning back to the desk. I knew I wasn't going to get any answers here. My mind perked up when I heard a familiar whistle. Clemont's here! I stare patiently at the door, waiting for him. And sure enough, he came in and sat down next to me. "Hi, Clemont!" I chirped, smiling at him. He nodded his head, smiling back at me. He didn't seem to react to Scarlet. Perhaps he didn't know? Pushing the thought out of my mind, I heard footsteps and saw Miss Sharp walk into the room. She sat down at her desk and pulled up her script.

"Alright, students. We are happy to inform you that tomorrow we will be heading out to see a stage adaption of Private Peaceful. Costs should have already been paid near the start of the year, make sure to bring food and drinks. You will be allowed to bring in sweets to eat during the performance. That is all." Immediately, the classroom broke into chatter. I turned to Clemont, a serious undertone lining my voice. "Clemont, after school, we are going candy shopping."


"C'mon! Push faster!" I giggled as I lay back in the shopping cart. Clemont was struggling to push me, but he was still trying, at least. He paused, letting out a sigh. "How about we just get a basket?"

"Fine" I moaned jokingly, getting out of the cart. He grabbed a metal basket and the reclining doors opened for us. One of the shop workers greeted us politely, welcoming us. Immediately, a bright packet of Jelly Babies caught my eye. I grabbed a packet off the shelves and looked around. We could be here a while.

I glanced over the basket, looking at all the dandy we had agreed on. We had a packet of Jelly Babies, some Galaxy Minstrels, a couple Chupa pops, a Mars milkshake and a skittles milkshake, a bag of toffee popcorn, and a sour drip tube thingy. We would be eating like kings soon. I flick through my money, we still had ten pounds left. I added some chocolate to our main theatre bag, and got some personal chocolate, popcorn and gum. We went to checkout, handed them the money, and went on our ways.


That evening, Clemont had wanted to take me to the woods. We went back to the woods where he had first kid passed me. It was a quiet night, not a single being stirring. "Follow my lead." He told me, and grabbed ahold of the bark on the tree. He pulled himself up onto the first branch, and began climbing, with me following him. He stopped on the highest branch, resting his back against it as I caught up. We sat side by side, and he turned around, reaching his hand into a hole in the oak. He pulled out one of the bags of popcorn we had bought earlier. He opened it and handed it over, to me. I took a toffee coated piece and munched on it. He did the same. I felt my gaze snapping back to the setting sun, watching it go down behind the hills. Finally, I felt truly happy, and that was all that mattered right now.


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Chapter 10: Grab the popcorn!

"C'mon! Wake up, you lug!" I poked Clemont as he tossed, his back now towards me. I glanced back up at the clock. 5:57AM. I had made sure to wake up extra early today, and by that I mean two minutes earlier. I couldn't blame Clemont for being tired, we stayed up chatting under the cover of night. We had to sneak home late, praying that my mother wouldn't notice. I poked him once again. "If you don't get up I'll get the hose." I hissed, playfully yet sarcastically. He let out a groan and huddled back closer to the sofa's pillows. "Fine, you win." I said, bluntly. I tiptoed out and made for the kitchen, grabbing a small cup and filling it with water. I entered the roam again and Clemont groaned again. The water dripped down as I tilted the cup. He jumped, shoving me with his hands, in an attempt to push me away. "Fine! I'm getting up now!" He whined.

"Good, c'mon. We need to pack our stuff, grab the popcorn!"


I dropped the heavy bag onto the ground, letting out a huff as I stood back up. Clemont was finishing getting changed, slipping his school top over and doing the buttons up, pausing at the top one. "Uh, Alisha... Can you help me with my top button?" He asked sweetly.

"Do I have to baby you or something?" I groaned forcefully, even though admittedly I thought it was cute he needed help getting changed. "I'd like that~" He winked at me, making me flush violently. Clemont wasn't normally so... Flirty. "Maybe later," I paused and looked into his eyes, "If you're good.".

He snapped his tie on and nodded at me. I picked up the heavy bag and slung it over my shoulder. "Mum! We're leaving now!" I shouted up the stairs. I simply got a muffled response. Clemont opened the door, standing back and gesturing for me to go through. "Thanks." I smiled at him. We walked out of the driveway, and onto the pavement. I couldn't help but stare at the long cut running across his eye. It was incredibly unnerving, even if it was not his fault. The wounds were no longer fresh, but they still stood out and didn't appear to be healing any time soon. Not like it mattered much anyways. The path we took was a short route, taking a few shortcuts through the alleyways. I only noticed that something wasn't right, when Clemont suddenly stopped right in front of me. I tried to ask him what was the matter, but he hissed a 'shh'. "I hear people!" He whispered, peaking his head around the corner. I stepped behind him, staring.

"Brilliant day, people! Scarlet has returned with more news! Share it with us." A certain long haired girl yowled. Beside her, was none other than scarlet. I could hear Clemont gasp, and I elbowed him, telling him to keep quiet. Scarlet stands up, staring head on, towards us, with a blank expression. "I heard some secrets about the pair. Alisha and Clemont." As soon as she mentioned our names, an uproar came from the crowd. I flinched. I could see that she was gazing around, a slight hint of fear in her eyes. Then, her eyes landed towards us. She didn't acknowledge us, but we knew it wasn't safe to stay in clear sight. Then we noticed in the apartments next to the alley was a ladder up to rooms. We could go up the ladder, go onto the edge of the walls of the alleyway, and listen there. I tugged on Clemont's jumper, pointing up to the ladder. He nodded and followed behind me as we climbed up the steps. By the time we were level with the roof of the alley, Clemont was out of breath. I jumped over the fence and onto the slated roof, with Clemont sluggishly following suit. I peered over the edge.

The crowd died down, and Scarlet began to talk again. "Did you knoooooow," she purred, "Alisha is a puppy murderer."

"Booo!" The crowd roared. I watched on, with awe. Could these people just eat up lies?

"That's not true!" I heard Clemont shout, immediately realizing the mistake he made. Everyone craned their heads towards the roof. "They're up there!" Scarlet yelled, pointing upwards. Immediately, the people in the alleys began spreading, climbing up the ladders, aiming rocks, and a select few were attempting to climb the walls. I quickly glanced around, they were approaching us, fast, and there was no safe ways down. "Follow me!" I yelled back to Clemont. We ran, trying our best to zig-zag through the pebbles thrown at us. We stopped behind a chimney. Clemont huffed as he caught his breath. "Mate," I whispered, "Scatter. They think we'll stick together. Head towards the forest, and don't worry." I gave his a reassuring peck on the cheek. "Pretend you're just catching up with me." I waved as I ran out into the open. "Clemont, where are you?" I shouted, just to get the peoples' attention. "Oh, hold on!" I ran at full speed and braced myself for landing.

Thump! I continued running as soon as my feet touched the ground. The people followed after me. I swayed around the back of buildings. The public would be confused if they saw many people chasing someone. I wanted help, yes, but people would be curious, would they not? I ran as fast as I could, my lungs on fire. I could see the bushes of the park coming up, and I could spot Clemont jumping through the trees. Yes! "Clemont! Jump!" I shouted to him. He landed onto the tarmac with a thud and stood next to my, baring his teeth protectively. It was only then I realize the mistake I made, we were cornered. Two against lord knows how many. The members prepared to attack, but a certain ginger-haired girl pushed her way through. "Alisha," she hissed, "You have caused me so much suffering, you would not even understand. I hate you, and I'm going to do what I should of done a long time ago." The sun shone brightly and for a split second I could see a metallic shimmer from her pocket. A knife. I was frozen to the spot as she approached me, knife in hand. She pulled back and swiped it across my belly, pushing me forward as well. I was on the floor with a logn cut going through my clothes and on my belly. Blood began to stain my white t-shirt. She raised the knife once more. As soon as she swung, I saw a blur in front of myself. Clemont. The knife barely missed his eye, but cut from the bridge of his nose. Blood was trickling from the wound and dribbling into his eyes, but he growled, fury clouding his non-closed eye. "You BITCH!" He shouted, leaping onto her and digging his nails as hard as he could into her back. She yowled in pain, swinging her knife blindly. He let go of her and ran as fast as he could. I followed after him, with what little strength I had left.


We pushed open the school doors. Kids stared blankly at us as we stepped in. Screw registering, I walked straight to the Head of Year's office. I peered in before opening the door. "Miss Machi?" I asked. "Come in." She said in a monotone voice. She looked up from her papers. "Oh dear lord! What happened to you two?! We need to get you to the nurse's office!" She shooed us out the door and took us to the nurse's office. "While Ma'am is bandaging you, please explain what happened." Miss Machi said. I cleared my throat.

"Well, me and Clemont were walking to school, when we passed by an alleyway. I heard talking in there, so I looked in. There was a large group of children, some of which I recognized! The leader was Mattie, and she had Scarlet sharing secrets about me and Clemont. We moved onto the roof to get a better view. They saw us and chased us into the park. Scarlet attacked me on the belly with a knife, and Clemont sacrificed himself for the second blow. We ran here as fast as possible." I stopped. Clemont's eye had been fully wrapped up in bandages, covering half of his face. "This isn't the first time this happened." Clemont stated in a monotone voice. "When I was in hospital, during the night they came to me and clawed over my eye, that's how I got a bad scar there." He sighed.

"That is not right." Miss Machi said. "Normally, I'd say in this situation we'd need proof, but this is plently proof. We will look at expelling these students. Thank you for telling us." We were all bandaged up now. No more pain shot through my body. "You two should be sent home for the day. Tomorrow is the cinema trip, and I'm sure you guys'll wanna come, so make sure to come in tomorrow. And if this ever happens again..."

"We'll tell you." Me and Clemont said in unison. Gah, predictable.


I remember walking home that day, next to Clemont. We took a different route, going down through town, away from the alleyways. While we were passing the shops, Clemont wanted to go into the medical store.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" He begged. I couldn't help it, he had suffered more than me, so he deserved it. "I'll pay." I offered. "As long as you're not costing me hundreds." I joked. We walked in and I saw he immediately heading to the baby section. Hmm. I picked up some basic cold medicine and flu capsules. When I went over to Clemont, he was holding a large package. "Three pound." He said boldly. I shrugged and took him to checkout. It totalled to £7. We walked home and it began to rain slightly. We ran home and slammed the door shut, immediately heading into my room. I dropped the flu capsules on my desk. "So, what's in that package?" I asked Clemont, still curious. "Oh,um... Incontinent Wear..." He whispered.

"Ooooooh." I said. I gave him a reassuring pat on the back. "It's not your fault. We all have little problems. Mine's insomnia. Scarlet's is a ridiculous fear of balloons. Oops? Did I say that out loud? Ha." The both of us laughed. And that's how the rest of the night went. Poking fun of others.


When I awoke, I began packing stuff, without waking Clemont up. Not mean, am I? Actually, I am, but that's not the point. I put the candy we had brought in a separate bag, and packed some hand-held game consoles. I looked back at him once packing. He lay lazily on the sofa, snoring lightly. And I felt my heart twinge, it must be illegal to be that adorable. His rythmic breathing encouraged me to work faster, and I did. Everything was ready to go, well, with the exception of Clemont. "Hey, wake up, baby..." I gently shook him. His eyes wearily opened..

"Uhh. Eh... Good morning..." He mumbled. I shrugged and pulled the blanket off of him.

"C'mon. Wake up. I've packed everything, so you just have to relax and eat some breakfast. Going Cinema, remember- Wait! Did you go to sleep in your school-clothes?"

"I was tired. Don't judge me." I rolled my eyes at him and dropped the bags on the living room chair. It was 7:50, which gave Clemont around 15 to 20 minute to pack his stuff. Time passed, and after I ate breakfast, I went into his room. Clemont was packing something. "Hey! Whatcha packing?" I smiled. He looked back at me nervously. "Uhh, nothing."

"Well you must be packing something, unless you're just fiddling with your bag for twenty minutes." He sighed in defeat and stepped aside. He was packing some of his "incontinent wear" into his bag. "That's it? I thought since you were being so nervous you must of been packing cocaine or something. We've been in a relationship for like... Six chapters."

"Wait! Six chapters? But- Chapters are for stories!" He tilted his head.

"Oh, whoops, broke the forth wall again. But, you get my point." I smiled. "C'mon, let's get going now."


We had headed to school as usual, and went to form to register. Surprisingly, Scarlet was absent, to our relief. We boarded our bus as per usual, and sat down near the back. Well, at the back. It took plenty of time for the registers to finish, with many forms on hte buses. I cuddled up to Clemont,leaning across his lap and wrapping my arms around him. every other kid was engrossed in conversation. I looked up at him with puppy eyes. "Hey, Clemont, who do you love most?" I asked him teasingly. "...You, my dear." He sighed yet smiled.


Chapter 11: Today's Ohmigosh!

Without a signal, the bus began to move. Students began to make an uproar of plaintive talking as they interacted with each other. I let out a long yawn, bringing up my knees onto the seat and resting my iPad on my knees. Clemont rested the left side of his head on my shoulder. "What are you going to go on?" He asked. I shook my head slightly to flick hair out of my eyes.

"I dunno. You can play on it if you want." I gently nudge it over to him, but he pushes it back.

"I'm quite fine, thanks. I think I just wanna catch up on the nice dream that you woke me from." He flashes me a disapproving glance. "Dont'cha wanna, maybe, talk about our relationship?" I look hopefully at him. He tilts his head down and grunts, closing his eyes. I look back down at my iPad, sighing softly. Maybe he doesn't like me anymore? Why? Did I upset him earlier? Was he having that nice of a dream? Whatever it was, he didn't want to talk about it. I refocus my gaze to my iPad screen and boot up a game of 2048, a perfect way for me to kill an hour. 2, 2, 4, 2, 2, 4, 8... Even in the short time I had been playing the game, I already felt bored of it. I closed the app and turned my iPad off, sealing it back in its case. I didn't know what I was gonna do for the next... While of the trip. I didn't even know how long it would take, I just knew it would be a while. The conversations around me began to meld together, and I could barely make out what they were saying. It just sounded like one big blabber. I try to think about daydreaming, but the noise keeps on distracting me. I decide to get my headphones out of my bag, and listen to a soundscape generator off of one of my apps. Each one I picked sounded dull and didn't help my mind drift away. I tried to think, where would I rather be right now than instead of on this bus? As much as I wouldn't believe it any other day, my mind drifted to school. I was sorta beginning to miss the noisy cafeterias, the awkward silence in lessons and the hustle bustle of trying to navigate the corridors. I switched on the app, Coffitivity, and set it on University Undertones. It sounded identical to the noise you would hear in the cafeteria, and it soothed me. I let my body drift as my mind left for greener pastures.


Clemont's P.O.V

My eyes were half shut, tired and dull. How long had we been travelling for? God knows. I look over to Alisha, who has her headphones on and is quietly snoring. I let out a small smile, regretting the way I had responded to her earlier. She huddles up closer to me in her sleep, nuzzling into my clothes. I wrap my left arm around her and gently move her closer, making sure not to wake her. She looked so peaceful, cuddling up to me as we had done once before. "Clemont..." I hear her quietly mumble, and for a second I believed that she was awake, but when I looked over to her, she was still snoring away. She repeated my name multiple times, gradually growing louder before her eyes blinked open. "Huh?" she looks around, and then up at me. "oh... Uh, hi?" she straightens herself up in her seat, but quickly shifts back to cuddling me. "'Ello." I smile at her, resting my chin on her head protectively. She looks up, raising an eyebrow. "I see someone's had a change of heart." I smirk gently at her.

"But it never changed in the first place."

"Hmph, if you say so." She begins to dig through her... Well... Our bag. She takes our some sour candy thing. She opens the lid and squirts a little bit onto her finger. She looks up at me again, mischief glinting in her eyes. Quickly, she daps it on my nose. "Hey!" I hiss, getting a bit of saliva on the tip of my finger and trying to wipe it off. "My nose's gonna be sticky all day now!" I sigh. She giggles and squirts a little bit into her mouth. "Sooo... Are you grumpy with me again?" She asks.

"...No, and I never was in the first place. I just wanted to sleep." I smile, and she narrows her eyes. "Well, I'll take your word for that. If it's okay with you, I think I'm gonna go back to sleep." I open my mouth to respond, but she has already shut her eyes and cuddled up to me.


We were boarding the bus again. There's no point in going into details as to what we saw in the theatre. To put it bluntly, it was boring. Disappointing. One actor, one scene, it was more an audio-book than a play. Me and Alisha still had somewhat of a fun time, we were sat up high so we were able to stay out of the prying eyes of the teachers. We found ourselves texting each other and talking that way. Her eyes would flick my way many times, I could practically feel her stare. After the performance, we were both quiet about it. Instead, Alisha tried to make casual conversation about things in general. I guessed she had been expecting more too.

I excused myself to go use the restrooms, and found that whilst I was washing my hands, I kept on fiddling with my school uniform, and smoothing down my hair. I guess maybe my subconscious noticed that I was not exactly in the cleanest of states. After I felt satisfied, I left the male restrooms, and sat next to Alisha on the seats.

"Hey, Clemont." She casually greets me. She doesn't look up from her iPad, but glances over to me.

"Hello." I curiously look over at her screen. At first, I thought it was set on a dark setting, but then I realized it was the game she was playing. "What game are you playing?" As I ask, the screen goes black and text comes up stating "6 AM". "It's called Five Nights at Freddy's, you probably won't enjoy it. It's a point and click strategy game." A chime plays, and the game returns to the menu, which looks like static.

"Hey, I like strategy games. Let me try it." I gestured for her to hand me the iPad, which she did. The text "Night 1. 12 AM" flashed on the screen for a few seconds, before dropping me into an office. I couldn't move my character, just turn my head to the left and right doors. When I tapped the bottom of the screen, it brought up a set of security cameras, and the first image feed I saw had three cartoony puppet-like things in a room. One was a chicken, the other was a bunny and the third one was a bear. With the game's graphics, they looked slightly creepy.

Within a bit of time, the clock turned over to 3AM. I went to check the door lights, but instead of lighting up, it just let out a low buzz. I brought up the camera, and when I lowered it, the bunny was taking up most of the screen, shaking and screeching. It made me jump, and the screen went to static. I quickly passed the iPad back to Alisha and let out a shaky sigh.

"You didn't tell me the game had jump scares..." I moaned.

"You didn't ask!" She chirped, shutting the case over the screen. "Oh well, I knew you wouldn't like it. Anyways... I think Ma'am is going to get us back onto the bus now, so let's go." She gets up immediately, pulling me along with her.


I'MMMM BACKKK! And yelling time over :p. Yep, finally updated. If you wanna know why it took so long for me to update, I fell into a chasm where I meditated for many moons, when I finally converted into my true form, a purple bearded dragon with rainbow digestive fluids and a passion for fashion. I spent hours hauling myself out of the pit and like a phoenix, I have risen from my ashes. Believe my tall tale if you wanna, but first, I need to make a disclaimer. I have no connection to Coffitivity, I just use their app. I think it's awesome for those that miss the school lunchtimes (like me, god my school does nice pizza) or just wanna listen to coffee shop noises. It helps me write and I'd recommend it.

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Chapter 12: More Entertaining

Note: This chapter was never finished and posted, and ergo is unfinished.

My eyes slowly flicked open, cringing at the sudden sunlight. I rubbed my face with my hands and gazed out of the window. We were finally back at Penrice. After a long-as-hell trip and a boring-as-hell production, I was praying to just be back at school, and we were. I gently shook Clemont, who was still sound asleep, purring gently to himself as he dreamed. "Psst, hey, Clemont, wake up!" I called to him. He visibly jumped before looking up to me sleepily. "Are we back yet?" He asked me innocently, and I responded with a curt nod. He sat back up in his seat and the teachers began to talk. Apparently when we get back into the school building, we will get an hour of free play before having an assembly at the end of the day. An hour? Maybe this horrible trip can redeem itself.

Students began standing up, out of their seats, as they poured out of the buses. I got up lazily, stretching my legs to get rid of the numb pins and needles feeling in them. Clemont followed me carefully out of the bus, skittish at the slightest touch, it was clear he had not woken up fully yet. We walked through the Textiles hall and down to the yard. Pupils began to drop their bags on the grass and start conversations with their friends. Clemont sat down by my legs, patting the grass next to him. I crouched down beside him, opening pmy bag and getting my bag of Jelly Babies out. "Want one?" I asked him as I rustled the bag, looking for a green one. "Yes, please." He said, looking over my shoulder and into the bag. I picked him out a yellow, lemon flavoured one, knowing he loved citrusy sweets. He took a happy bite out of it and hummed to himself, his face contorting slightly at the sweetness of it. "That was sweeter than I expected." He swallowed it and let out a cool sigh.

We had sat there for a little while, talking about recent events and eating my remaining food. However, I had brought up about when he first kissed me, and I began to feel something welling up inside of me. Lust, wanting, desire? I wanted to feel his lips against mine once more. I slung my backpack over my shoulders lazily and gestured for him to follow me, which he did. I went up to one of the teachers, who was flicking unenthusiastically through a generic magazine. "Ma'am, is it okay if I go toilet please?" I asked sweetly.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." She stated, not looking up from her magazine. Clemont followed me up through the Textiles hall again and over to the disabled toilets. "Okay, I'll wait for you, shall I?" He asked, resting his side in the wall. I looked to my left and to my right, making sure nobody was watching, and pulled him in with me into the toilets. I locked the door and grinned mischievously set him. "Clemont..." I growled playfully, rolling his name off my tongue for fun. He looked nervously at the door, and back at me, obviously confused. I went close to him, his body against mine. "I want you." I whispered, feeling him shiver at my words. I searched his expression. He was still confused, but a look of allowance lined the confusion. My fingers brushed over his shirt buttons, carefully undoing each one. His clean white shirt fell to the ground, discarded. My fingers ran all over his body, finally settling on his shoulders. I pulled him closer, my warm breath against his neck. I knew this was wrong for me to be doing, but my lust was taking over. I wanted to satisfy him, and to pleasure him. He was flushed a hot red. My fingertips were now curiously "examining" his waist level. I could feel him tense and cringe, but my sense was now gone. I pulled down his trousers, a naughty smile adorning my face. Like I expected, his incontinence diapers were there. I looked up to the flushed boy, watching him slowly break into a small smile. He wants me to.

I force myself to speak. "Have you been a naughty boy?" I hissed slyly. My hands traced the diaper, feeling it slush around the pressure of my fingers. "O-oh..." He could only whimper as he rested his hands on my shoulders. I felt myself grin. "You have, naughty boy." I smirked, as his white bag caught the corner of my eye. Of course! I shimmied over to it and searched through it. Most of it was wires, but down at the bottom, hidden in a layer of cables, was a fresh pack. I took it out and showed it to Clemont. "Let's get you cleaned up." I fiddled with the holding tapes, pulling them off as his used diaper unraveled. I rolled it up and dropped it in the bin next to the sink. Next, I grabbed a new one and opened it. I lifted his bottom up gently and slid it underneath. I finally did the tapes up and out the other unused diapers back into his bag. He weakly looked up to me. "...thank you."

"No problem."


We had been called back to the yards, where we were lining up in classes. The teachers were struggling to keep the students under control, attempting and failing to guide them up to the main hall. We walked in line, cautious of all the sugar high kids running about. I saw Scarlet standing bluntly in line, and waved to her, but she ignored me.

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Author's Note 2

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